Esri & Open Source

Better Together: Open Source and ArcGIS

From designing ArcGIS to work with many open-source technologies to releasing hundreds of open-source projects for people to hack and use, Esri believes in open source and wants to make ArcGIS better for everyone.

Use ArcGIS with Your Open Source Stack

Use ArcGIS with Your Open-Source Stack

The ArcGIS platform has been designed to work with open-source technologies like PostgreSQL, Apache Tomcat, GDAL, and Linux. Using a hybrid of ArcGIS and open source gives you the best of both worlds: industry-leading GIS software on your existing IT infrastructure.

Do More, Faster with Open Source

Do More, Faster with Open Source

Use some of our open-source projects to save you or your team hours of coding. We have hundreds of products, tools, examples, and resources that let you simplify, customize, and enhance your GIS experience.

Esri's hundreds of open-source projects include

Participate in the OS Community

Participate in the OS Community

We love open source and the community. Join us at events like FOSS4G, OpenSourceBridge, and OSCON, and we invite you to contribute to open source on GitHub by submitting issues (bug reports), writing documentation, forking and improving a project, or open sourcing a project you've been working on. Or join us at the Open Source SIG at the Esri UC.

Finding the best locations and paths

Code with Us

There are hundreds of Esri developers and GeoDevs who contribute to the open-source projects in Esri's repositories on GitHub. We invite you (or a developer in your organization) to join us!

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