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Maximize Business Intelligence with Location Analytics

You have powerful analytics to make sense of the data masses. But can you do more? Discover how easy it is to instantly add value to your existing business data when you use Esri Maps for MicroStrategy. The intuitive solution brings location analytics to your reports and dashboards. Start getting powerful, location-based answers to your tough business questions.

"Working with Esri is helping our company maintain its distinct market presence across brands and reinforce the specialty store experience throughout its 2,500 locations."

Kevin Ryks, Director of Financial Planning,
Maurices Incorporated

Get the Location Advantage

Esri Maps for MicroStrategy lets you deploy dynamic maps and perform rich geoanalysis to solve any challenge. Easily integrate map-based query capabilities to filter data and spot trends and patterns. Make reports jump off the page by embedding rich maps and data visualization. You can better understand and influence performance when you use location to your business advantage.

Make Discoveries

Mapping your data allows you to discover patterns that would otherwise be missed. See beyond graphs and charts using intuitive data maps that anyone can build.

Get a New Perspective

Take advantage of the rich array of geographic data available to change your view of the world. Combine business intelligence (BI) data with demographics, consumer spending, lifestyle, and business data to gain new insights.

More Accurate Decisions

Smart maps let you do more than visualize. You can ask new questions and get better answers when you apply a full range of analytics to your decision-making arsenal.

Make Data Actionable

You don't have to fear having volumes of accrued data. Make sense of it. Use dynamic point clustering or heat maps to easily see data concentrations and turn your raw data into actionable intelligence.

Customized for Your Workflow

Esri Maps for MicroStrategy easily fits into the everyday workflows familiar to MicroStrategy document designers and analysts. Your maps will interact with documents and dashboards for easier analysis.

Enterprise Access

Esri Maps for MicroStrategy integrates Esri's ArcGIS platform directly into MicroStrategy. ArcGIS enables you to create information and tools you can share with anyone.

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