security.manager allows the assignment of individual access permissions to different user groups, thereby ensuring that everyone gets access only to what they are entitled to.

Decide who shall see what

security.manager controls access to services, right down to feature and attribute level. While a service is published only once, security.manager can enable different views for different users, by limiting access according to a user‘s rights. In doing this, security.manager provides a consistent user experience together with a holistic security approach.
This means, users will not get any information about the existence of content they are not entitled to, and permissions need to be explicitly expressed in the system. Everything that is not allowed by a policy is automatically forbidden, to ensure that access cannot be granted by accident.

Security at your fingertips

The administration process for security.manager relies on a browserbased rights editor that allows for the definition of rights, easily and fast. It takes just a few clicks to assign permissions for resources, and a few more clicks to create additional filters on feature, attribute or spatial level. Once a right is created, it is already active, and access is granted accordingly.

The concept
The Enterprise Edition has been in the market for more than ten years. During this time, it has grown to a mature and widely used GIS security system, offering a full set of capabilities. Besides controlling access to services, it provides many integration possibilities for enterprise IT landscapes. It can connect to existing user repositories, provides cross-application and cross-domain single-sign-on based on SAML 2.0, supports multiple authentication methods up to the Windows log-in and can protect different service implementations, including ArcGIS and OGC services, etc.

Seamless integration

The beauty of a good security system lies in its transparency. A user working with a service protected by security.manager will not even realize that security measures are in place. Adding security.manager to a service will not change the user experience, nor will it have a notic

Extend GIS systems with enhanced security options

Provide individual views without deploying several services

Embed security easily into existing infrastructures

Manage permissions conveniently in the browser

Incorporate existing user repositories

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