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Esri och Ukraina

Med anledning av läget i Ukraina, se meddelande från Esris grundare Jack Dangermond


Dear Esri customer:

Like you, I am shocked and distressed by the grim circumstances in Ukraine. This is clearly a profound human failure and will have significant global repercussions. As a consequence, Esri and our distributor Esri CIS are no longer selling any products and services to Russia and Belarus.

As I have seen time and time again, the GIS community is eager to find a way to help. Esri is supporting a number of organizations across Europe in their humanitarian and military efforts in support of the Ukrainian government and its people. These include many European countries, such as Poland, the Netherlands, France, and Hungary, as well as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the United Nations, and the US government.

The invasion of Ukraine is a devastating chapter in our history. We have heard from so many members of our GIS community who, like us, stand with the Ukrainian people. Make no mistake, this is a daunting moment that will demand strength, compassion, and resolve from all of us.

Jack Dangermond